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About Healthy Life Clinic

Healthy Life, has one aim to proivide treatments who are suffering from chronical diseasea and keep relaxation from the pressure of daily life.It creates awareness on Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Massage Therapy,Gym for men and women, Physiotherapy.

 Yoga benefits on Anti-ageing properties, Health condition benefite, any chronic disease, mental performance, mood change and vitality, control weight devlope health conditions. Naturopathy benefits on de-toxify the body and clean body naturally.

 Natural Diet are the natural healing on body and mind.It’s motto is treated patients and seekers by alternate medicine in the natural elements of sun, earth, air, water, fire.


 Founder of Healthy Life gallery BAMS, ND(New Delihi), PG Diploma Acupuncture, D.P.T PhD (Yoga Naturopathy) (SVYASA University, Bangalore)

 Nature has a beautiful gift to live naturally by Naturopathy and Yoga. It helps to maintain a healthy relationship with our environment. Naturopathy and Yoga treatment is based on modern medical science with scientific knowledge and ancient concept. Nature cure helps to detoxification and purification of body. Yoga helps to maintain and relief pressure from body and mind.



Chief Executive Director

 We believe that physical, psychological and even spiritual elements can all contribute to positive health and cure diseases. the treatment process of “Yoga and Naturopathy” includes body detoxification by various treatments including Yoga, Naturopathy treatment, Diet therapy, Stress management techniques, Counselling, Meditation, Laughing Therapy and Yoga Nidra.